Why FinMoist?

Winter days can be long and cold. Although we all want them to bring us a rosy glow to the cheeks, most of the time the harsh weather does a lot more harm. The skin gets really dry, not only on the face, but also on the hands and the feet. Staying inside doesn’t help, as the heat dries out the skin as well. Which means that you need to change up your routine and provide your skin with as much moisture as possible.

Clean and moisturize your skin daily

You should wash your face twice per day once in the morning and atleast once at night. After you cleanse that, make sure you follow with a toner and moisturizer. Toners help to remove fine traces of oil, dirt, and makeup that you might have missed and moisturizing is just a necessity.

Block the sun

Overexposure to sun is something that can be really harmful for your skin. You can’t see this right away but it builds up over the years. As important Vitamin D is to our bodies you should wear a broad spectrum of sunscreen, no matter the season to keep your face safe from the sun.

Here are some ideas for great home masks

Buttermilk and Yogurt


Milk and Almonds

About the product

Gentle cleanser

Removes impurities without stripping the skin’s essential moisture

Leaves skin feeling refreshed and silky- smooth

Apply a small amount to the fingers and massage onto skin

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